What's Hot, New, Best and Top feed?

Posts in any feed (Home, Popular, Boards and Users) can be sorted in three ways: Hot, New and Top.

If you select Hot sorting, the posts that are popular at the given time will be located at the top of the feed. These are the highest rated posts that were published relatively recently. The Hot algorithm is designed in such a way that posts in it are constantly changing over time.

If you select New, all posts will be sorted strictly by the time of their publication, and at the top of the feed you can find the most recent posts.

When choosing the Top, you will need to specify the period for which you want to see posts: Day, Week, Month or All time. Posts published within the specified time period will be sorted by their rating, starting with the highest. These are the posts that users have rated the most.

Posts in the Home and Popular feeds can also be sorted by the Best. This sort is similar to the Hot, but it takes into account the popularity of the boards, equalizing their chances of getting into the top of your feed. Thus, when you select the Best sorting, you will also see more posts from less popular and niche boards that you may also be interested in along with posts from the most popular boards.