12 days ago
Ethereum NFT Hit Doodles Will Launch Doodles 2 on Flow Blockchain
Doodles is one of the most prominent Ethereum NFT projects around, with colorful profile pictures (PFPs) that stand out on social media, more than $550 million in trading volume to date, and musician Pharrell Williams as its chief brand officer.
But for its next big drop, Doodles is heading to the Flow blockchain.
Today, Doodles announced that its upcoming larger-scale Doodles 2 project will launch on Flow, the Web3 platform best known for sports NFT projects like NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day.
Doodles 2 was first announced last June at an NFT NYC event. It retains the pastel, cartoonish style of the original series and artist Scott “Burnt Toast” Martin, but is said to span millions of NFTs instead of the 10,000 avatars in the first Doodles series.
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