Why buy board coins?

In addition to owning a part of your favorite community, board coins can provide other benefits to their holders:

  • Having board coins allows you to participate in the boards reward program and earn MAIN tokens. The more board coins you have, the more board rewards you can get by being active on it.

  • If you like a certain board and believe in its potential, then you can buy its coins and earn financially from it if the community realizes this potential. You can calculate how much you will earn on board coins using this sheet;

  • Board coins allow you to take part in the governance of the community and vote for its administrators;

  • Some boards are private. You need to buy coins of such a boards to post and comment on them.

In the future, we plan to add more and more features for coin holders, here are just a few of them:

  • Coin holders will be able to access exclusive content and private chats;

  • Posts and comments of coin holders can be highlighted in the board and receive ranking advantages;

  • Coin holders will be able to receive a part of the profits of the boards, including ads revenue.