What are post types?

There are five different types of posts on MAIN: image, video, text, link, or article. You can choose the type of post you want to create before creating a post. The post type cannot be changed later. Each post type allows you to include different types of content in it:

  • Image post include a title and one image.

  • Video post – a title and one video.

  • Text post – a title and text (optional).

  • Link post – a title and one link.

  • Article can include different blocks of content (photos, videos, links and text), alternating in any order.

Post types help moderators manage the content on their boards. Some boards can only assume a text format and prohibit the publication of images or videos. Some boards, on the contrary, can only assume the publication of images, videos or links.

Board administrators can set the allowed types of posts. This help them to standardize content and fill the board with posts that correspond to the topics and rules of the board, excluding the publication of irrelevant posts and reducing the burden on moderators.

If in some board the publication of certain types of posts is prohibited, then you will see a corresponding warning or error when publishing. In this case, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the rules of the board and choose the type of post that corresponds to the content expected in this board.