3 months ago
Win Exciting Prizes with Ultimate Champions
Hey Champs!
Your enthusiasm for the game has been amazing to witness! To add to the fun, we're launching a special reward campaign in February, exclusively for our MAIN community. Get ready for a chance to win a treasure trove of Ultimate Champions gifts!
• 6 Silver Packs with epic NFT cards.
• 13 Kickoff Packs with common cards.
How to Win?
In the MAIN League (3 Silver Packs and 6 Kickoff Packs):
1. Sign up for Ultimate Champion using this link.
2. Enter our MAIN Community League.
3. Compete in all February game weeks.
The better your team, the better your chances!
We'll randomly pick winners every weekend gameweek: 1 Silver Pack and 2 Kickoff Packs among the top 10 players every week.
In the UNA Community (3 Silver Packs and 7 Kickoff Packs):
1. Join the b/una community.
2. Stay active: post and chat in the community.
3. Aim to be in the top 50 board members by earning $MAIN tokens in February.
4. Keep an eye out for the draw results.
The more tokens you earn, the higher your chances of winning will be! Increase your chances with engaging posts that get a lot of votes. Share your game insights, strategies, tips, and help others learn.
We'll announce the winners on March 1st for the top 50 community members based on their February $MAIN token earnings on b/una.
Best of luck, and let's make February a fantastic month of gaming!