2 years ago
Welcome everyone to the first Bangladeshi dating board.
For everyone who wants to chat, tell about themselves and meet nice people, our board provides such an opportunity!
**Follow the rules! Post your profiles! **
Choose the most beautiful pictures! Launch rockets to those you like! We are sure that you will find many interesting acquaintances in our board!
There are penalties for breaking the rules. Deep and similar comments (Nc, Nice, Nt, Good....) will also be punished! Show courage, be creative and you will be noticed!
Please provide some information about yourself in the comments:
1. Your age;
2. Purpose of dating;
3. You can add something about yourself.
I am sure that the participants of our board are cultured and highly educated people, so the language of communication and publications in the board is English.
Publication Fame Level - 5
Posts per day - 3
‼️All posts that do not meet these requirements will be removed‼️