5 months ago
Introducing Business Communities - A New Feature on MAIN
For many in our community, MAIN has been the gateway to the expansive world of web3. Here, we connect with like-minded individuals, share news and personal experiences, and discover new technologies and projects. Until now, however, there were no specific tools for other projects within the growing web3 sphere to join our platform, share their stories, and leverage the benefits of our ecosystem. We're excited to announce that this gap has been filled.
Today, we're thrilled to introduce Business Communities – the next step in MAIN's evolution, opening up vast opportunities for collaborations in the web3 space!
What are Business Communities?
In essence, Business Communities are similar to regular boards on MAIN, but with two key differences:
1. Business Communities do not have board coins or an integrated voting system. This means these boards will always remain under the control of their creators, and users won’t need to purchase coins to participate.
2. While Business Communities will not receive rewards from MAIN's ecosystem fund, they can set their own rewards for their members.
Benefits for Projects on MAIN
– Attracting genuine users to any web3 product remains a significant challenge for most projects. On MAIN, we have already built an incredible community of active and engaged web3 users. By creating a community on MAIN, projects can tap into our existing community and foster their growth.
– We at MAIN have successfully developed not only user-friendly community management tools but also fair mechanisms for rewarding active participants. By creating a community on MAIN, projects can use these tools to create an engaging space for their audience.
Advantages for the Entire MAIN Community
We believe this new feature will benefit not just other projects but also significantly enhance the growth of the entire MAIN ecosystem.
– Projects creating communities on MAIN can bring their audience to our platform, helping MAIN grow even faster.
– With Business Communities, MAIN users can receive rewards not only from MAIN but also from other projects, creating more opportunities for rewards and a win-win situation for everyone.
Learn more about Business Communities in our special guide.
The new feature is now available in the MAIN web version and in the Android app from 3.18.0. And we are already preparing the first partnerships for you 💫