7 months ago
Mississippi senate passes bill protecting bitcoin miners
Mississippi lawmakers have successfully passed new laws to uphold the rights of bitcoin (BTC) miners and node operators in the southeastern U.S. state.
Mississippi unveils Right to Mine
Lawmakers from the Mississippi senate have passed a new bill that may not only legalize bitcoin mining operations but could protect the rights of node operators in the state if it passes into law.
The bill, earlier sponsored by Sen. Josh Harkins in Jan. 2023 and titled “Right to Mine” is seen by the lawmakers as a necessity to encourage cryptocurrency-based investments in the state. It will provide legal protection for individuals or companies looking to take up proof-of-work (PoW) mining in Mississippi.
“The State of Mississippi wants to explore the potential for digital asset mining in our state, protect the right of individuals and businesses to mine digital assets in our state and provide legal certainty for the digital asset mining industry,”
“Right to Mine” bill.
Satoshi Action Fund founder Dennis Porter expressed his elation at the historical event, stating, “I’m proud to have been a part of this historic step in Mississippi. There is still more work to be done.”