a year ago
About bourgeois movements
In this post I want to tell you what the hamster (I) did when I saw such a picture:
I immediately realized that this was due to the fact that someone ran in and greedily bought up main (but I didn't know why). I thought, "Fuck, I need to drain it faster, otherwise they will do it for me." Many people may think that I am a stupid and went to fix it when I saw 2x, but I didn't even think about fixing it, my thoughts were only to sell on the hill, buy on the pits.
Due to my inexperience in such moviemaking, the average selling price was much lower than the price I imagined in my thoughts.
After the implementation of my clever thoughts, 111 bucks turned out, which I transferred to bnb. I was in shock (I invested only 4 bucks in the main, felt like Warren Buffett and imagined palm trees, El Salvador, and the hot sun). I sat down and started waiting for others like me (sly bourgeois) to sell their tokens and I could re-purchase.
But no one wanted to sell and the price sometimes went higher.. Then I figured that I was in the minus on 500 main and the toad started chasing me. After a few pirouettes, the price fell to a plateau and then I counted + 2k main and thought to buy off 50% a little, (1 rectangle)to minimize the risks.
I was sitting, waiting, bored, and fuck, drmz got fixed. I bought the remaining 50% (2 rectangle) and got + 10k main. Then there was nothing interesting. Only the price dropped by another 25%, The toad beat me up and the price turned back.
I buy off back all the coins of the boards, even more, and finally bought boards coin /onlybalto, which I had wanted buy for a long time. At the same time, there are still 7k main on the balance.
And the sponsor of the post is my illness. I felt bad and I left after the 3rd lesson and I was able to do it all
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