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Fallout 4 was the best-selling game in Europe for April - almost nine years after its release
The charge of interest generated by the first season of the Fallout series was enough for the role-playing shooter Fallout 4 to top not only the weekly , but also the monthly European sales chart.
As GamesIndustry.biz reports , citing data from the GSD agency, sales of games for PCs and consoles in Europe in April decreased by 6.2% compared to 2023 and amounted to 10.5 million copies.
Against the backdrop of the lack of high-profile new products ( Stellar Blade reached ninth place), a surge of interest thanks to the Fallout series and numerous Fallout 4 promotions, there were no equals in April.
The 2015 role-playing shooter topped the April combined (retail and digital) chart with a comfortable lead. More than half of the copies sold were for the PC version.
Fallout 4 was not the only game in the series in the top 10 - Fallout 76 finished the month in seventh place , and Fallout: New Vegas rounded out the top ten. Fallout 3 is in 14th position in April.
Fallout 4 debuted in November 2015 on PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One, and with the release of the “next generation” update on April 25, 2024, it also appeared in the Epic Games Store, on PS5, Xbox Series X and S.
The upgrade turned out to be a disaster for mod fans and, in principle, did not bring any noticeable improvements to the PC version. The new patch released this week did not correct the situation on PC, but added additional modes of operation on consoles.
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