3 months ago
Ну и я всё исследую Tengr.ai
she was a disco dancer in her 20s full body
hyper photo realism, latino woman with relief expression face in a metal oversize clothing through a violet hills and golden river, titan grillz, whip, fashion, prosthesis leg, metal forms, radiant eyes, detailed portrait, full body intensity, surreal.
full body view. | from Tokyo Ghoul ink drawing by Tite Kubo, bleach art style, crosshatch shading, intricate, detailed, 8k | beautiful asian business woman, highly detailed, smooth, sharp focus, cinematic lighting, atmospheric, photoreal, 8k, Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1. 4x Lens, stan Winston studio
Ну и цензуры там похоже совсем нет. Прям НЮ..😁