a year ago
Blizzard spoke about Diablo IV availability settings
Not all gamers have the same opportunities: someone does not distinguish colors, someone has difficulties in coordinating movements and so on. In recent years, developers have increasingly thought about the problems of their fans and come up with various ways to help the poor enjoy another high-profile release. Blizzard Entertainment didn't stand aside either.
The company's employees spoke about Diablo IV accessibility settings. There are more than fifty of them in total, and they are designed to make the journey through the fantasy world of the title much more convenient and enjoyable. Users will be able to choose the type of subtitles to their liking, convert text into speech and vice versa, make the highlighting of characters brighter.
The premiere of DIablo IV will take place, we remind you, on June 6. Gothic action-RPG will be released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.
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