2 years ago
Reward System Update
Today we are launching a new reward system.
Starting from this moment, the entire pool of tokens that users receive in the form of activity bonuses will be sent to the boards, in proportion to the amount of MAIN tokens locked in their coins. These tokens will be automatically distributed among those board coin holders who are active in these boards.
The web version with the new reward system is already available at https://main.community. App versions 3.15.0 with new rewards interfaces will appear in the App Store and Google Play as soon as they are processed. Update apps to get new functionality.
How to earn MAIN tokens in the new reward system:
1. Select the boards you want to participate in. Each board has its own pool of rewards, which is distributed to the participants. The more boards you participate in, the more tokens you can earn.
2. Purchase coins from these boards. You will only be able to receive rewards on those boards where you have board coins. To receive rewards in the board, you just need to have any non-zero amount of its coins on the wallet connected to your MAIN account.
3. Participate in the boards and earn activity points: make posts and comments that other members will appreciate, and regularly vote on the posts and comments of other board members.
4. Get MAIN tokens to your balance on the platform. Rewards will be automatically credited to you throughout the day based on your activity points and the current multiplier in each board.
5. You can increase your multiplier and, accordingly, the number of rewards received in each board by buying more coins of this board and completing other tasks (getting boosts).
You can read more about how the new reward system works in the new help section.