a year ago
🔥 New Prodox project from the section once every 24 hours / You can withdraw! Checked!
Prodox is a Super Defi project with an investment launch pad for global investors, venture capital firms and startups. Lottery - Staking - Lending - Dex - NFT Market
What is its plus, in that we already initially connect the metamask to this project.
The downside is that we initially spend BNB on a connection fee.
How to start mining DOX token:
Copy browser: Link and paste it in KIWI browser or Metamask browser, TRUST. Or we do it on a PC by simply clicking on the Link and connecting Metamask.
Choose Metamask or Other (other connections)
Next, connect, sign and approve
Once in the account on the site, click the Enable DOX button, and confirm the transaction (not a lot of bnb for the commission)
After that, install the application: Link
And we enter, indicating your Metamask address (or whatever you connected there on the site)
Once in the application, click Start and mine DOX tokens, we can also watch the Watch To Earn video
The site has a button for withdrawing coins
Already now we can mine and exchange for Pancake, but first we need to play the mined coins in games here
Contract: 0xae90Ae6320c60dA6cBdd35335cB95c76f5700023
It turns out that the conclusion is not so easy! But you can!
As a result, what you mine, the coins fall on the Mining balance, and you can withdraw from the Spot balance.
In order for your coins to move from the mining balance to the spot balance, you need to win the game.
There are 3 types of games so far.
1. It's guess more less. The number will be less than 5000 or greater than 5000
2. This is a lottery, mark the numbers and they must be winning, as in lotteries
3. These are sports betting, like in bookmakers (we guess who will win, football, basketball, etc.)
And when you win, the coin drops into the spot account! But that's not all, when you withdraw coins, a commission is taken, so until you win a lot, it's better not to withdraw.