a year ago
The rewards distributed to users have exceeded 50,000,000 MAIN!
MAIN token has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000.
350M of these tokens are the ecosystem fund. Its goal is to encourage active platform participants and build an internal economy. Tokens from this fund become available and are used gradually.
Every token you receive as an activity or referral reward, as well as giveaways hosted by the platform, is taken from this fund.
We would like to announce that the first 50M tokens from this reward pool have been distributed to our users:
– 12M tokens were earned by early birds in the previous version of the platform, from which the MAIN project was born;
– 4M tokens were paid out to users as a referral reward for attracting other participants to MAIN;
– 5M tokens were sent through various contests and giveaways;
– 29M tokens were earned by users as rewards for their activity on the platform.
Please note that this distribution structure is subject to change and these figures reflect historical data only. For example, in recent months, about 20% of the ecosystem tokens have been spent on the payment of referral rewards.
Congratulations to all community members on passing this round milestone and thank you for your contribution!
There is still an exciting road ahead to the next 300M tokens, some of which you can get too!