a year ago
At what point was it too late to get onto Bitcoin, or is it not too late yet?
The article discusses whether it is too late to profit from Bitcoin and if it is still possible to get rich with the cryptocurrency.
Many people are primarily attracted to Bitcoin for financial gains rather than the technology behind it. While early investors have made significant profits, the question remains for newcomers entering the market at the current price of $28k.
There's a vanity problem where people prefer owning large quantities of other tokens over smaller amounts of Bitcoin.
However, experts believe that the cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages, comparable to the late 1990s internet or the first inning of a baseball game.
In the previous market cycle, Bitcoin experienced substantial growth from $3.5k to $69k. With Bitcoin currently at $28k, there is potential for further appreciation. Renowned investor Cathie Wood predicts that Bitcoin could reach $1.48 million by 2030. Owning even a percentage of Bitcoin could potentially lead to wealth if it becomes highly valuable in the future. In conclusion, the article suggests that it is not too late to accumulate Bitcoin and advises doing so wisely.
Do you think you can still profit well from Bitcoin or has the train left long ago?.