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Квиз от бинанс по EOS. ❗Только для тех у кого нет монет в стейкинге.
Как найти- главная страница приложения- больше - учись и зарабатывай. Находите квиз, и отвечаете на вопросы
Ответы: EOS Quiz Answers:
1. The EOS Network consumes significantly less energy than Bitcoin and Ethereum and is certified carbon neutral.
✅Answer: True.
2. EOS is leveraging its technology to unlock use cases in GameFi, DeFi and, more broadly, the Metaverse.
✅Answer: True.
3. The EOS Network has an insurance program called Recover+ that protects EOS DeFi users from hacks.
✅Answer: True.
4. Which of the following performance metrics does EOS achieve?
✅Answer: All are correct.
5. Who is the founder and current CEO of the EOS Network Foundation?
✅Answer: Yves La rose.
6. Who is the EOS Network designed for?
✅Answer: All are correct.
7. Which of the following is not characteristic of the EOS blockchain?
✅Answer: Expensive gas fees.
8. In an effort to achieve absolute code independence, community engineers, led by the EOS Network Foundation, performed a non-contentious hard fork of the EOS codebase.
✅Answer: True.
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