a year ago
How did I get to know crypto?
2 years ago during the difficult epidemic situation, I accidentally surfed Facebook and came to know BO. With the immature mind of someone who had never traded in the market, I didn't even know what crypto was at that time. At that time I listened to that person's advertisement, I only knew that I needed some capital and from that capital I would earn 3% per day, of course the higher the capital, the more I would earn. I have experimented with a capital of 150$ and after 3 days I have x2 the capital. I thought making money was too easy, I immediately deposited $1000 and I lost it all in 1 week. At that time I was extremely depressed because I was pregnant and that amount of money was quite large for me at that time. I went crazy on YouTube learning how to trade with the desire to take it all back. And then I saw the video of @typhucrypto I joined her group. After a while, I also accepted to lose the other money and started over by participating in the free airdrop. And then I found out about Main 1 year ago, but I quickly got bored because Main's price was low and my account was often locked, so I neglected it for a long time. By the time Main got the airdrop to open the gift box I was back and now I have earned quite a lot of Main on this platform. I am very grateful to @typhucrypto for helping me out of BO and to the co-founders of Main platform for creating this useful playground.