2 months ago
🌟 Community Poem Battle: Unite, Write, and Triumph on MAIN! 🌟
Attention all MAIN community members! It's time to harness the power of words and showcase the spirit of your community in our first-ever Poem Competition. Join this thrilling battle and compete for a chance to win exciting rewards while celebrating the essence of your community!
How to Participate:
1. One Poem per Community: Each community can nominate one poem that shows what makes your community special. It could be about the feel, the people, or the unique things about your community.
2. Poem Length: Your poem should be between 4 and 20 lines long. Be creative!
3. Chosen by Moderators: Poem should be nominated only by community moderators. They can choose it themselves or let the community vote.
4. How to Nominate: Nominated poem should be posted in the comments of this announcement. Make sure to include the poem, the author’s username, and a link to your community.
5. Deadline: Submit your poems by May 23. We will announce the winners on May 24!
Community Prize: 60,000 $MAIN tokens to buy and burn coins of the winning communities.
For the Poets: 30,000 $MAIN tokens will be shared among the authors of the winning poems.
Join Now!
This contest is a chance to bring us all together, show off your creativity, and share what’s great about your favorite community. Push your moderators, gather your members, write something special, and let’s see which community stands out the most!
Good luck to everyone!
Конкурс для СНГ бордов - Ссылка