2 years ago
Multiple accounts bans
Yesterday, we banned 1300 user accounts for violating the MAIN rules and using various schemes to farm tokens.
We remind you that every day we distribute part of the MAIN tokens from our reward fund to those users who are active on the platform and help it develop. In doing so, we continue to protect MAIN from dishonest participants who attempt to cheat or circumvent our reward algorithms and gain unintended benefits. Breaking the rules is unacceptable and an honest community will always be one of our top priorities.
On a daily basis, we block users who violate the rules of the platform, and periodically (like this time) we conduct large raids and review and improve our mechanisms for protecting against unfair behavior.
We are also currently working on a new token distribution system that should significantly increase the rewards of the most valuable members of the community and greatly reduce or make it almost impossible for those users who do not bring any value to MAIN to receive rewards.
We count on your support in the fight against cheating and will continue to punish those who unfairly use the opportunities that MAIN opens up for all participants.
We also remind you that your votes and complaints can prevent unscrupulous community members from taking away the pool of rewards intended for all users and help MAIN build a strong and honest community.