5 days ago
ChatGPT-4 bot was asked to invest $100 in cryptocurrencies. That's what he did
To test the potential of ChatGPT-4, we conducted a trading experiment with artificial intelligence to see how a chatbot would distribute $100 between various cryptocurrencies to maximize profits in the shortest possible time. The chatbot received summaries for the end of 2021 and 2022, as well as the latest news on the cryptocurrency markets, to find out how it will invest based on recent events.
After analyzing the current state of the crypto market, GPT-4 studied the current state of the crypto market and recommended the distribution of investments in the amount of $ 100 as follows: $50 for bitcoin, $15 for ATOM, $ 25 for ether and $ 10 for investments in NFT. and Web3-related projects.
Since ChatGPT doesn't know much after 2021, I think this is a useless exercise