2 months ago
Collab Managers in Web3 Projects
👋 Hello everyone!
We are excited to announcement about our community BDBoost3r on the MAIN platform, where you can join interesting crypto projects and earn money with them!
A few words about the company BDBoost3r.
Over 4 years of work in web3 we have achieved -
✅ raised more than $15 million in projects of our partners
✅ our clients - Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects of the top blockchain level
✅ organized and managed more than 500 Twitter spaces with opinion leaders in the web3 industry
✅ jointly participated in the creation 5 early-stage projects and helped with entering the market
✅ in our portfolio there are more than 40 companies whom we have helped -
Make Business Development, find partners, build collaborations, develop and strengthen your brand, and attract new rounds of investment in projects.
With the help of our community, you can find work in web3 projects - you can help find partners and create collaborations!
🏆 You can participate in all these tasks by joining our team of Collab Managers
🌟How to participate:
🌟 Join our community on Discord -
🌟 Study projects that require the help of Collab managers, their conditions, and payments
🌟Fill out the Form for the project
🌟Wait for approval and issuance of a special role for a project team member
🌟 Complete tasks and receive money payments
💰Rewards will be fixed in the USDT for actions in helping in collaboration, finding partners, and creating contacts with web3 projects.
Join our social networks and stay in touch!
💸Also, for our active first adopters, we prepared additional rewards,
We are launching our first competition with rewards for our participants!
Duration - 2 weeks
We will be glad to see the following content and activity from you on our board -
- Tell us what web3 projects you would be interested in participating in. (p2e, gaming guilds, wallets, development, marketing, etc.)
- Have you tried joining web3 projects? what active projects on the market do you know?
- have you received any awards (NFT, tokens, allocations, etc.)? share successful cases
❤️‍🔥 So, we will be glad to see you in our community, join our team of Collab Managers, and earn money!