a year ago
Modern technologies to the masses: how California uses blockchain
Department of Motor Vehicles - sounds like a ton of bureaucracy and paperwork. However, in California, they decided to get away from these problems with the help of blockchain technology.
They currently use a private fork of the Tezos blockchain for peer-to-peer transactions and the use of smart contracts. The essence of the solution to the problem is in the digital registration of cars with simplified operations inside.
This will allow you to get away from queues, reduce the number of useless papers and more accurately track, for example, the history of used car maintenance.
This is an important step towards the full implementation of the blockchain to simplify life and bureaucratic problems.
And what about cryptocurrencies? Yes, it’s trite despite the fact that the technology of smart contracts and peer-to-peer transactions is no longer just being “tested” on small projects, but is being used by departments, which will further push the growth in popularity and value of cryptocurrency as a phenomenon.