2 years ago
Square Yards launches 3D metaverse platform for Dubai real estate
Square Yards, one of the fastest growing proptech companies globally, today launched a 3D Metaverse platform that will showcase the future of real estate search and discovery through a high-end 3D digital twin of the city of Dubai. Using cutting-edge technologies such as 3D, AI, VR, and AR,
The metaverse product is built with multiple data layers including maps, 3D content, transaction, listings, and project information. Each project building consists of a sales centre and its digital twin as its metaverse, where users can enter inside, and navigate through the amenities, project, and interiors using their chosen avatar as if they are living a digital life in the virtual world. They can also talk to dedicated sales representatives through voice conferencing. The company also has aggressive plans to launch this product in other markets like India, Canada, and Australia soon.