10 months ago
Results from the Meme Creator's Contest
- So i'm again kinda dissapointed that they are onlly 6 Participant's in the contest. I excpected more from the b/meme user's but maybe the fault is mine.
- Please let us know what kinda of a contest's do you excpect to run in the future to get more attention, maybe my contest's are too hard for the people and don't want to participate, so i would like any kind of suggestion's about Contests.
- Here are the Result's from the Meme Creator's Contest, some of the people have more then 1 meme so i've picked the most high-quality of their post's.
@Olansky - 33 Like's and 1 Rocket (Win 100 Tokens)
@Arooj - 32 Likes and 1 Rockets
@Bluegard67 - 22 Like's and 0 Rockets (Not good post)
@Vantozik - 29 Like's and 1 Rocket (Win 100 Tokens)
@Alechenu - 48 Like's and 2 Rockets (Win 100 TOkens)
@BitBot - 38 Like's and 0 Rocket's.
- I have picked also the winner of 0.5 Board Coins with Wheel of Names.
- Congratulations of @Alechenu winning 0.5 Board Coins Special Prize.