a year ago
Sony introduces PS5 controllers for people with disabilities with extensive customization options
Ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Sony has released more information about the PS5’s dedicated controller for people with disabilities. The device is now called the Access Controller – the company first talked about it in January under the name Project Leonardo. The Access Controller adapts to different ranges of motion and strengths. Analog stick caps are available in standard, dome and spherical shapes. Button caps can be made in the form of pads or flat. You can also choose your own unique size and shape. The controller can be placed flat, positioned at various angles, and mounted on a tripod or other dedicated mount.
Once synced to PS5, gamers can choose the controller’s orientation, assign actions to each button, and change sensitivity settings. The controller can also be programmed to operate continuously with a single button press. For example, instead of holding down a button to sprint, just press it once. This change reduces the user’s power and attention requirements across all games. There is also the option to integrate a DualSense wireless controller that can sync with two Access Controllers to create a “single virtual controller”.
“We’re just beginning our journey to PS5 availability.‘ said Mark Friend, Sony’s Head of Accessibility, in a special video featuring employees from around the world. Other notable features include a high contrast mode and navigation or navigation support. Although Sony timed the announcement to coincide with World Accessibility Awareness Day, the controller itself will not be released at that time. Access Controller does not currently have a release date or price. More details to come in the following months“.
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