2 years ago
Reward System Update (Part 1)
Soon MAIN expects a significant change in the internal reward system – those bonus tokens that you receive for your activity on the platform every day.
MAIN is already a game changer in social media. MAIN users, unlike users of other social networks, can not only share something important and interesting, find friends, unite around ideas and have fun, but also earn by turning their time and efforts into social assets that they own and govern.
We expect the new reward system to be the next important step in building the MAIN content metaverse and provide even more incentives and opportunities for its most active participants.
What will change
In the new reward system, tokens will not be sent directly to users, but to communities, and the communities will distribute them to their members based on internal ratings.
This simple yet important change could lead to significant changes in how people can monetize their contributions to communities.
How will this affect everyone in the community?
1. The new reward system will give much more power to the communities themselves. Moderators and board members will be able to control who gets rewards and exclude from monetization those users who do not bring any value to their communities. Users will begin to more carefully choose the communities in which they want to be active.
2. The most active users will be able to multiply their income by participating in many communities, in each of which they will be able to receive rewards.
3. Rewards will begin to depend on the complexity of content creation and the quality of board moderation. On boards with strict moderation and content that is difficult to create, the number of participants is likely to be small, but the rewards per participant are significant, which will offset the effort required to create content. On the contrary, boards with weak moderation or easily created content will have a higher number of applicants for rewards, but also much less rewards per participant.
4. Boards will receive a permanent source of funding that they can use to attract new authors and grow their community. In the future, the boards will also be able to use part of other revenues, including advertising, to reward participants, which will increase the board's rewards fund.
Two questions remain
1. How to determine the amount of tokens that should be directed to the rewards of each specific board.
2. How communities should decide how many tokens to pay out to each individual member.
We will tell you about them in the following articles.