10 months ago
Making sense of blockchain! Even kids can understand
Imagine you have a special notebook that you and your friends use to keep track of things. But this notebook is magical because once you write something in it, you can't erase or change it. It's like a permanent record of what you write. Now, let's say you and your friends want to play a game where you exchange toys. Instead of trusting just one person to keep track of who has which toy, you all decide to use this magical notebook. Every time someone gives a toy to another person, they write it down in the notebook, including who gave the toy and who received it. But here's the exciting part: instead of having just one notebook, everyone in your group has their own copy. So when something is written down in the notebook, all of your friends' notebooks are updated at the same time. This way, everyone knows who has which toy at any given time. Because each person has a copy of the notebook, it's really hard for someone to cheat and change what's written inside. If someone tries to do that, all the other notebooks will notice the difference, and they will know that person is being dishonest. That's kind of how blockchain works! Instead of toys, it keeps track of things like money or digital items. It's a way for lots of people to keep a record together, and it makes it very hard for anyone to change the information without everyone else knowing. This makes it a secure and trustworthy way to keep track of things without needing to rely on just one person or authority.