14 days ago
We announce Happy Days! Buy coins from any board and win tokens 🤩
Have you wanted to buy coins of some board for a long time, but put it off for later? Now is the time, because we will give away 30,000 MAIN tokens among all buyers!
How to take part in the draw:
  – From January 25 to January 27, buy board coins
  – Wait for the results of each day and win tokens
Every day we will distribute 10,000 tokens to 5 random buyers (2,000 MAIN each).
How many board coins do you need to buy to take part in the draw?
To take part in the promotion, you can make a purchase of coins for any amount, even for one token.
Can I win tokens three times?
Yes, if you make purchases of board coins on each day of the promotion (before 00:00 GMT each), then you will be able to participate in the draw on each of these days.
Do I need to make more purchases to increase my chances?
No, one address can only participate in the draw once a day. If you want to buy coins of three boards, then it is better to distribute your purchases by day.
How will the winners be chosen?
We will take all the addresses that made board coin purchases on the previous day before 00:00 GMT and randomly select 5 addresses that will receive prizes of 2,000 MAIN.
How and when will prizes be awarded?
The prize tokens will be transferred to the addresses of the winners in the BNB Chain network immediately after the announcement of the winners for each day.