2 months ago
Results of the art contest ๐Ÿ†
We are delighted to announce the results of the art contest!
Your creations were absolutely magnificent, demonstrating your skills and creative abilities as well as shedding light on your views on global issues.
Now, let's move on to the announcement of results:
Official_jakeart ย - A piece that addresses important issues of social inequality. Equality provides each person equal opportunities to achieve their goals and helps prevent discrimination and violence, contributing to the creation of a more peaceful and fair society.
Cpinky ย - The artwork shows that the support and solidarity of society can make the world more accessible and friendly for people with limited capabilities. This creates a broader context of equality, respect, and recognition of their dignity.
Typhucrypto - The artist draws attention to a significant and pertinent issue that affects the entire planet. The key point is the call to unite efforts to protect the environment, which encourages society to maintain order and protect the planet from pollution.
NHATNAMWEB3 - Became the winner thanks to a very important theme - striving for peace and countering violence. The artist deeply touches on these topics, eliciting an emotional response and prompting reflection on the importance of peace and the inadmissibility of violence.
MeharShahidRaza - Depicted a powerful image reflecting the issues of migration and the status of refugees who have to change their place of residence and adapt in new locations.
All works have been highly valued. The winners will receive 15 $MATIC tokens each to their wallets. We ask the winners to share their Polygon wallet address in the comments.
Also, we will soon get back to you with information on how to receive the airdrop tokens.
Stay with us!โšก๏ธ