2 years ago
July updates: web version
Today we have updated the web version of the platform. Let's see what's new:
1. Now you can send board coins directly to other users by their username in MAIN. To do this, go to the buy board coins menu, select the send tab, connect your wallet, approve the transaction of interaction with the sending contract (must be performed once), select the user and the number of coins you want to send and sign the transaction. You can send coins only to those users who have connected their BSC address to the MAIN account (coins will be sent to it).
2. Now you can link other social networks to log into your MAIN account in the web version of the platform. The functionality is available in your profile settings. This can be done to secure your account. If you lose access to one of the social networks, you can log in using another one.
3. We have replaced the block with Popular boards on the right side of the site with a block with Sponsored boards. Now advertised boards will be able to receive additional reach from the web version of the platform.
4. We have added a new sorting Best to the web version of the platform as well. This is our experimental sorting of posts, which is similar to the sorting of Hot, but takes into account the popularity of boards and equalizes their chances of getting into the top. Using this sorting you will be able to see more posts in the feed from less popular boards that may be of interest to you.
5. Now board moderators will be able to temporarily block users in their board in the web version of the main as well.
6. We have raised the cost of the minimum purchase of board coins when creating a board to 10,000 MAIN. We receive a lot of applications for creating boards at a minimum cost and almost all of them are rejected, as users often do not understand the point of creating communities in MAIN. Raising the minimum threshold should help users better understand the platform before creating their own boards, as well as keep them from having their boards bought by other users.
7. We also did a lot of work on the SEO optimization of the MAIN site. Now the most interesting MAIN posts (as well as the entire project site) should be better processed by search algorithms, which will allow us and our users to get more search traffic to their content.
8. We create the first landing page of our project. This is the main page, which now gets all unregistered visitors to the site https://main.community. Gradually, we will work on improving it in order to increase registrations and better tell all new site visitors about what MAIN is. You can also see this page by clicking on the About item in the right block of the site.
9. We have also added the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko icons to the MAIN’s information block, so that you can always quickly find information about our token.
10. We fixed other little things, but it seems they are no longer worth a separate mention 😌