a year ago
Trillions of SHIB to Be Burned with Shibarium, Litecoin Sees Enormous Whale Activity.
Shibarium's potential skyrockets, SHIB lead dev reveals big-name users: details @NastyShib, a SHIB-themed Twitter account, has shared a screenshot showing what expectations regarding the Shibarium L2 protocol lead dev Shytohi Kusama has in mind.
According to the screenshot, Kusama stated that projects like F9 (Ethereum-based community project), Mbet (play-to-earn/GameFi casino ecosystem) and other tokens would utilize Shibarium. The SHIB supporter accompanied his post with the following words, "Much like a tree there will be larger and smaller branches of what essentially is Shibarium," perhaps referring to Kusama’s recent comparison of Shibarium to a pine tree and implying that the protocol’s potential is enormous. Litecoin (LTC) eyes enormous whale activity, here are two major reasons Per Santiment’s recent report, Litecoin cryptocurrency saw an explosion in large whale activity, with the amount of transactions valued at $1 million or more reaching levels comparable to the highs of 2022. This might be happening for two reasons. First is the general "greening" of the crypto market, with its capitalization adding 32% at the start of the year and reaching the $1 trillion level again. Second is the fact that Litecoin will be halved this August, and the reward for a mined block will be lowered. LTC has undergone this twice before, in 2015 and 2019, and both times the coin's price increased significantly.