5 months ago
Private communities
When we announced board coins, we noted that in the future, coins may be used to provide exclusive features to their holders. Today in version 3.8.0 we introduced the first such feature – private communities.
Now moderators of any board can make it private. Only holders of a certain amount of board coins can post and comment on private boards.
To make a board private, you need to go to your board's AutoModerator settings and set the number of coins required for posts. You can set any value, even 0.01 coins.
Private boards are highlighted with a padlock icon next to their URL. If the user has enough coins to post and comment on the board, then the padlock is displayed in green. If the user does not have enough coins, then he will see a gray padlock icon, and his posts will be automatically deleted from the board with the appropriate comment.
How can private boards be used?
1. Creation of private communities. If you want to discuss a topic, but don't want a large number of participants to dilute the value of your community, then you can try creating your own private board. Since users will have to buy its coins to communicate in the board, you will be able to select only those participants who are really interested in your community.
2. Protection from spam and irrelevant content. Setting a minimum threshold for board coin ownership can be a more effective anti-spam tool than fame limits. Users will have to choose which boards to purchase coins from in order to be able to post there.
3. Additional ways of monetization. If your community becomes more popular and interesting, more members will want to purchase its coins in order to participate in it. Gradually, as the value of the coins grows, you will be able to lower the ownership threshold, allowing current holders to sell some of the coins, earning on it.
4. Creation of private channels. By creating a board, you can purchase a large enough amount of coins to close the board for posts and comments from any other members. Of course, users will still be able to purchase more coins than you have to post to or even take control of your board, but the entry threshold can already be very high.
These are just the most obvious use cases for the new private board functionality that we can imagine. Who knows what use you will find for it.