8 months ago
Experiment!!! Experiment!!! Experiment!!! We take 40 GTF tokens from Goatly. Experiment!!!
Experiment!!! Experiment!!! Experiment!!!
https://www.goatly.farm/app/register/Kzz We take 40 GTF tokens from Goatly. Experiment!!!
After Catly, they created many analogues, but they were all terrible, to put it mildly, nothing worked, plus it was impossible to earn money without investments, but in this application you can earn money both without investments and with investments, which is very cool. The site is also made 10 heads higher than the previous ones, so try it at your own peril and risk!
Now we have the opportunity to get 40 GTF for free and receive 3% of them daily
👨‍💻 Instructions:
🔹Go to the website - Goatly https://www.goatly.farm/app/register/Kzz
🔹Go to the Token section
🔹Click Claim
🔹Fill out the information, subscribe to social networks
🔹We are waiting for tokens (they arrive within an hour or two)
🔹They immediately fall into staking and accruals begin
Eventually. They give us 40 GTF, 3% or 1.2 GTF per day, for 15 days of staking 18 GTF. The minimum withdrawal amount is 12 GTF.
If nothing is changed, then after 10 days you can try to withdraw 12 GTF = 0.5 USDT or after 15 days 18 GTF = 0.75 USDT