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The story shooter Judas from the inventor of BioShock could be released sooner than expected
Wccftech drew attention to the fact that Take-Two Interactive’s new financial report contains a possible hint as to the timing of the release of Ghost Story Games’ Judas story shooter, led by BioShock creator Ken Levine (Ken Levine). Keep in mind that Judas was unveiled at the 2022 Game Awards last December and is expected to release before the end of fiscal year 2025 (March 31, 2025), according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.
The publisher’s new report indicates that Judas may be available as early as the current fiscal year, i.e. before March 31, 2024. That’s what comments by Take-Two Interactive President Karl Slatoff suggest. In the financial report presentation, Take-Two provides a table of disclosures for the fiscal year 2024 through 2026. During this period, the company plans to release 17 projects of this category “Immersive Core” (immersive core).
Of the 17 games in this group, only three have been announced so far – NBA 2K24, WWE 2K24 and Judas. The first two are announced for FY2024, and Judas has TBA (undisclosed) in this column. At the same time, speaking to investors, Slatoff bluntly said that the third “immersive” The game, which will also be released in fiscal year 2024, is “Highly Anticipated New Intellectual Property” from one of the company’s leading studios.
Needless to say, Judas fits this definition perfectly. The game is made for the PC, EGS), PS5, search Xbox Series X and S. In the role of Judas, players must escape from a crumbling spaceship, “Forge or Break Alliances with the Worst Enemies”
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