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Blockstream Secures $125 Million in Funding for Bitcoin Mining Operations
Digital asset infrastructure firm Blockstream has secured $125 million in funding aimed at expanding its bitcoin mining facilities.
Blockstream has received the funding in convertible note and secured loan financing, the company announced in a Tuesday press release, adding that it plans to use the money to expand its mining facilities amid increasing demand for large-scale hosting services. The statement read:
"Building on strong year-on-year revenue growth for 2022, Blockstream will use the new capital raised, including its first debt financing, to expand mining facilities in order to meet the strong demand for its institutional hosting services."
The crypto infrastructure company said demand for its hosting services remains high due to Blockstream’s "strong track record and substantial scale, coupled with an industry-wide shortage of available power capacity."
Previously, blockstream raised $210 million in a Series B funding round aimed at building mining facilities with capacity for institutional hosting customers in August 2021, when cryptocurrency prices were near all-time highs. At the time, the company earned a $3.2 billion valuation. The firm's Series A round was completed in 2016.
Blockstream said hosting has remained a resilient market despite the recent crypto meltdown that has seen the price of almost all digital assets, including Bitcoin, drop by almost 70% compared to their all-time highs.
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