MAIN is a new way to build online communities Key functions:



Communities belong to users. Users control and trade communities on-chain



Communities are run by users. Users manage communities to increase their value



Users get value. Every contribution to the community is counted and rewarded

Building communities is hard MAIN makes it easy

Every day MAIN distributes part of its tokens among communities

The more valuable the community the more tokens it gets as rewards

People share community rewards by participating in the community

Communities get active, their members earn tokens

Join the incredibly exciting social game & convert your social activity into assets

1. Find community you like

The greater the community, the higher its rewards

2. Get community coins

Buy or win community coins to unlock community rewards

3. Contribute to community

Make posts, write comments, curate content and compete with other members

4. Get rewards

Earn tokens based on your activity and share in the community

5. Evolve endlessly!

Use tokens to buy more coins and get more power and rewards

Join today. Make your social activity count ⚡

1 736 170 Posts published
6 732 587 Comments added
45 951 263 Post reactions sent

51 325 527

Rewards paid


MAIN – is a utility token with a total supply of 1 000 000 000. It is used to buy board coins, run ads or give awards to other users. You can earn MAIN tokens for your social activity, get from other users or from the sale of board coins, or just buy.

Board coins – are community tokens that are minted when purchased and burned when sold. The price of each coin goes up when people buy and goes down when people sell. Buy coins with MAIN tokens to own communities and get rewards.

How does it works


Each community on MAIN has its own coins


People buy and sell community coins with MAIN tokens


The more coins people buy, the higher their price


Coins give users power and rewards


Community owners earn on the community growth

Economics designed to scale

1. Growing difficulty
Since the daily rewards are limited, it becomes more and more difficult to get new tokens as the number of users grows.
2. Limited emission
Although it becomes more difficult to earn tokens over time, the value of each token increases, since their total supply is limited.
3. In-game utility
Most of the tokens that people earn from their activity are locked back into board coins to get more rewards instead of being sold on the market.
4. Increasing demand
Each new community, like each new user, needs MAIN tokens to buy board coins and join the game, which generates a constant demand for tokens.
5. Providing value
Behind every board coin lies an entire community of real users who create content and provide value that can be monetized.
6. Hold to earn mechanics
Board coins give people power and increase in value when other people buy them, so users tend to hold coins to benefit in the future.



Q1 - Launch of the app

Q2 - Launch of the token on BNB chain

Q3 - Referral program and app development

Q4 - Board coin release


Q1 - Boosts, voting and moderators tools

Q2 - Private communities and other features

Q3 - App development

Q4 - New rewards system


Q1 - Chats and onboarding

Q2 - Ads and coins features

Q3 - In-app wallet integration

Q4 - NFT badges and avatars

Decentralized protocols and DAO governance

Become a community owner

Get a piece of every community on MAIN metaverse to participate in its governance, access exclusive functionality, earn on its growth and get community rewards.

Buy Board Coins


MAIN is the platform utility token. Get MAIN to buy board coins, create new communities, award other users, or buy ads.

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Invite Friends

Join MAIN and get your own referral code. Invite friends and earn 50% of community rewards your friends get.

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