How does the referral program work?

You can invite a friend to MAIN using your referral code. The code is displayed on the referral program page in your profile.

If the user specifies your code when creating an account (it must be entered in the promotional code input field), then you can receive referral income from this user, equal to 50% of all bonus tokens (board rewards) earned by this user, as well as 3% from all purchases of board coins made by the user.

When registering with a referral code, your friend will also receive a 20% activity boost and 1% cashback for buying board coins in the first 100 days.

The activity boost multiplies the user's current activity indicator used in calculating the received bonus tokens by 1.2. Thus, a user with a boost receives more bonus tokens than if he signed up without a referral code.

Important! To get cashback and referral income from buying boards coins, the user must first connect his BSC address to MAIN account, from which he will make a purchase. Otherwise, we will not be able to understand which of the users made a purchase, which means we will not be able to accrue cashback and referral income for it. Learn how to connect your address to your MAIN account here. The user will still have to do this in the future if he wants to take all benefits of the platform and view the list of his coins in the platform interface.

Note. Income and cashback for buying coins are not credited for the first purchase of board coins, which occurs when board is created.

Example (bonuses for activity). If your friend earns 3,000 MAIN tokens in the form of board rewards in a month, he will receive 3,000 MAIN, and you will receive an additional 1 500 MAIN referral income for this month. Referral income is credited immediately with each bonus token accrual.

Example (buying board coins). If your friend makes purchases of board coins for a total of 10,000 MAIN in the first 100 days and another 5,000 MAIN in the following days, then you will receive an additional 450 MAIN referral income from this user, and your friend will receive 100 MAIN in the form of cashback for buying coins. Cashback and referral income from the purchase of coins are credited to your balances on the platform immediately when user makes a purchase of coins.