2 months ago
Dive Into Daily Adventures: Ultimate Champions' Weekly Quests!
Hey Ultimate Champs!
Your enthusiasm and engagement in our community have blown us away! To dial up the excitement and make our space even more vibrant, we're rolling out a new initiative: daily quests. Let's dive into the Ultimate Champions universe together, discovering something fresh every day.
Welcome to the Activity Calendar!
Here's the scoop:
Each day comes with its own theme, guiding what you can share on the board. Please take a moment to check out the daily themes below before posting, and make sure your content aligns with the rules.
Daily Breakdown:
Monday (Pack Day): Unveil the player cards you've snagged from participating in Leagues and Tournaments or those you've bought with $UNA.
Tuesday (Rewards Day): Share your weekly game results and rewards. You'll find all the details in the "Rewards" section on the Ultimate Champions site.
Wednesday (Info Day): Spread your wisdom – share tips, strategies, or guides on using the Ultimate Champions. Feel free to ask questions about game mechanics today, too.
Thursday (Photo Day): Capture your moment with Ultimate Champions – whether it's a selfie with our site or logo, or just a creative snap of UC on an eye-catching backdrop. Share your creativity on the board!
Friday (Team Day): Showcase your team with a screenshot and share some thoughts about your favorite player or why your squad's destined for glory this week. (Heads up: We'll remove posts without screenshots.)
Saturday (Memes): Lighten the mood with game-related memes. The best laughs might just earn you some bonus Rockets from our board team.
Sunday (Free Day): Anything goes, as long as it sticks to our community guidelines and stays on the Ultimate Champions theme. Any screenshots are prohibited on this day.
Important Heads-Up:
Content that doesn’t match the day’s theme will have to be removed, so let’s keep our posts on-point!
And don't forget, we’ve got an exciting NFT pack raffle happening right now in our community.
Here's to a fun-filled week ahead, full of discoveries and triumphs in the Ultimate Champions world!