Why should I earn fame?

Everyone answers this question for himself. Why are we trying to score virtual points in games or get some achievements?

However, there is also a practical benefit to fame - it is the number of comments and posts that you can publish on a calendar day.


  • Up to 50 fame points – you can post 50 comments per day;

  • Up to 100 fame points – 100 Comments;

  • Above 100 fame points – comments are not limited.


  • Up to 1000 fame points, you can publish up to 10 posts per day;

  • With fame above 1000 – 20 posts per day.

Many popular boards set their own limits on the minimum user fame required to post to them. This is to prevent spam. If your account does not meet the requirements for fame in some board, your post will be automatically removed from the board, and you will receive a corresponding comment from the AutoModerator.