How to run board promotion?

Board promotion on the Explore screen is an experimental feature. Advertising spaces are purchased according to the Dutch auction scheme.

Only three ad spaces can be sold per region per day. All users make bets hidden. Every weekday between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm (GMT) we check the placed bids. The bid that sells all three ad spaces wins. All winners will pay the lowest bid.

Example. Four users A, B, C, D made the following bids: 1500, 1000, 500, 100. Since there are only three ad spaces, they can all be sold at a rate of 500. Then users A, B, C will receive ads and pay 500 each for that.

To participate in the auction, follow these instructions:

  1. Top up your advertising balance. To do this, send a regular transfer of MAIN tokens to the AutoModerator user. In the comments to the translation, add the "ads" mark and specify your gmail (from which you will make bids).

  2. Place your bid in this form. This is the rate per day of advertising your board on the Explore screen. You can always edit your bid or change the board, we will look at the latest actual bids. Important! The form must be filled out from the e-mail address specified during the transfer. The minimum bid is 25 MAIN.

  3. Keep track of your current ad balance and latest bids in this sheet.

If your balance is less than your bid, your bid will be excluded from participation in the auction. Advertising is purchased with MAIN tokens.