Who are board moderators and administrators?

Board moderators and administrators are just a regular users like you, except that they have additional capabilities and voluntarily perform several important duties on the boards they moderate:

  • They choose the avatar of the board and determine its content policy.

  • They enforce the platform's rules.

  • They make sure that the posts posted on their boards are in line with the rules, goals and topics of the boards.

  • They can remove posts from their boards if they don't follow the rules of their boards or platform. Important: moderators and administrators cannot remove posts that were published before the change of board administrator.

  • They can set up an AutoModerator;

  • They can block users in their boards who regularly violate the rules of the board or platform.

  • They can pin posts to boards.

  • They can send push notifications to trending posts on the board.

  • They can give rewards to outstanding posts published on their board.

Board administrators can additionally:

  • Add and remove board moderators.

  • Set the name, rules and description of the boards.

  • Can make the board private.

  • Set the share of the reward that is distributed among the board moderators.

Users become the board administrator automatically after creating the board. In existing boards, administrators are chosen by board coin holders by voting.

Board administrators and moderators do not have any additional rights and capabilities outside of the boards they are moderating.

Board administrators and moderators are required to abide by the platform rules and manage boards in accordance with the Moderator Guidelines.