How is activity counted?

Each user in each board has their own activity, which reflects the “usefulness” and popularity of this user in this board.

Users can earn any number of activity points, however, activity points earned from previous days will gradually expire. Thus, in order to maintain activity at a high level, you need to participate in the life of the board regularly.

The activity indicator in the board is defined as the sum of three main activities: Posts, Comments and Votes. We do not disclose the exact algorithms for earning activity points, however, below you can find the basic principles for earning them.


You get activity points for posts when other users up vote your posts in this board. Up votes from board coin holders give you more activity points. For each rocket sent to you, you also receive additional activity points, which are approximately 25 times more than the activity points received for up votes of your post.

Not every vote of your post will increase your activity. Some votes may not count towards your ranking. You will also not be able to earn activity points for old posts, or for posts that have been removed from the board.


Getting activity points for comments is very similar to getting activity points for posts. The more people up vote your comments in the board, the more points you can earn. Down votes of your comments may also lower your activity in this board.

Try to write interesting and meaningful comments and join discussions. So, the likelihood that you will be noticed and appreciated will be much higher.


Additional activity points can be earned by regularly voting on posts and comments of other board members. The rockets you sent also significantly increase your votes activity. The strength of your rockets also depends on the number of board coins you own.

There is no need to vote on absolutely all posts and comments in each board, since each subsequent vote gives you less and less activity points. Over time, the strength of your votes is restored, so the best strategy here is regularity. Please note that activity points are not awarded for votes on old posts and comments.

Remember, the best way to earn Activity Points is to simply participate in a board regularly and be interesting.