How are the rewards distributed?

All rewards received by the boards are automatically redistributed among all active coin holders of these boards, in proportion to their activity points, multiplied by the current multipliers.

Rewards are credited to the internal users wallets. To receive rewards, users need to have any non-zero amount of board coins on the address connected to their account, as well as positive activity points.


There are two boards on MAIN. 250,000 MAIN tokens are locked in the coins of the first board, and 750,000 in the coins of the second. 100,000 MAIN tokens are distributed per day for all board as rewards. Then the first board in one day will receive 25,000 MAIN tokens in the form of rewards, and the second - 75,000.

Let the first board have four coin holders (A, B, C, D):

  • User A has an activity of 150 and a multiplier of 2;

  • User B has an activity of 50 and a multiplier of 4;

  • User С has zero activity and a multiplier of 3 (not active in the board);

  • User D has an activity of 100 and a zero multiplier (banned from the board or doesn't have coins).

Then users in this board will receive the following rewards per day:

  • User A will receive = 150*2/(150*2+50*4+0*3+100*0)*25,000=15,000 MAIN;

  • User B will receive = 50*4/(150*2+50*4+0*3+100*0)*25,000=10,000 MAIN;

  • User C will get = 0*3/(150*2+50*4+0*3+100*0)*25,000=0 MAIN;

  • User D will get = 100*0/(150*2+50*4+0*3+100*0)*25,000=0 MAIN.