How to get rewards?

To receive rewards, you need to take five simple steps.

  1. Select a suitable board. Each board has its own pool of rewards and its active community. The more boards you participate in, the more rewards you can receive.

    Be careful. Each board has its own topic and its own rules. If you violate these rules, then the moderators of the board can ban you, and you will not be able to receive rewards and participate in this board.

  2. Buy board coins. You can receive rewards only in those boards where you have coins. It is enough for you to have any amount of board coins to start receiving rewards in it. Board coins are bought for MAIN tokens.

    Some boards may also set limits on the minimum number of coins required to receive rewards in them. In this case you need to purchase a minimum number of board coins to get rewards. You can find these restrictions in the board rules or on the rewards banner.

    Read more about what board coins are here.

    Instructions on how to buy board coins you can find here.

  3. Use the multipliers. The more board coins you have, the more rewards you can receive with the same indicator of activity. You can also increase your rewards by performing small tasks and receiving additional multipliers to your activity.

    You can find out more about how the multipliers work here.

  4. Be active. Only those board coins holders that participate in boards life and get activity points can receive rewards. Activity points can be earned for up votes of your posts and comments by other users, as well as for voting on other people's posts and comments in this board. The more activity points you gain, the more rewards you can get.

    You can read more about how to earn activity points here.

  5. Get rewards. Board rewards in the form of MAIN tokens are distributed between all active board coin holders, in proportion to users activity points and their multipliers. Rewards are credited to the MAIN accounts, you can withdraw them to your wallet at any time.

    You can read more about how rewards are distributed here.