How to get tokens for free?

There are currently three main ways to earn tokens.

Bonuses from MAIN

It is impossible to launch the internal economy of a project while all tokens are concentrated in one hand. That is why every day we distribute part of MAIN tokens among all active users of the platform in the form of bonuses for activity.

You can also get some of these tokens. Just use the app and be active. The higher your activity, the more tokens you will receive.

You can track your activity in your profile section.

Important note. Since the amount of tokens allocated to reward users is fixed, and the number of users is constantly growing, you can get more bonus tokens at earlier stages of the project.

Referral program

You can invite a friend to MAIN using your referral code. If a user enters your code when creating an account, then you can receive referral income from this user, equal to 10% of all bonus tokens (activity bonuses) earned by this user.

Awards from users and boards

Platform users often use tokens to send rewards ("rockets") to posts they like. Half of the tokens from the rewards are sent to the author of the post.

Also, board moderators regularly reward the best posts on their boards.

Make interesting posts and get rewards from users and boards. Perhaps this is the surest way to get more tokens faster.

Other methods

In addition to the above methods, you can also get tokens for moderating boards. Moreover, any other user of the platform can transfer tokens to you.

All operations for adding and using tokens can be found on your balance screen.