MAIN token on Ethereum and BSC

MAIN token, the native token to MAIN platform, is available on Ethereum and also on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as wrapped MAIN.

Wrapped MAIN token is created in order to provide users with access to the BSC infrastructure and, accordingly, to cheaper and faster transactions than on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can read more about wrapped tokens here.

MAIN holders can use our web site as a bridge that connect Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to participate in the DeFi ecosystem on both BSC and Ethereum networks.

MAIN users can also send tokens from their accounts on the platform to both BSC and Ethereum networks, as well as deposit with them.

All tokens minted on the BSC network are provided with the corresponding number of tokens on the Ethereum network locked at a special address, so that the total circulating supply remains unchanged and does not exceed 1 billion tokens.