How can I use tokens?

We are constantly adding new ways to use tokens on the platform. Here are the ones that are available now.

Post rewards. When you really liked a post, you can send a rocket to this post. The rocket costs 100 tokens and boosts the post to the top. The author of the post will receive 50 tokens and will be notified who sent the reward. Board moderators will receive 25 tokens. Rockets are the best way to thank the author of the post.

Donates to boards. If you like a board and want to support it, just donate tokens to the board. 20% of the amount of your donation will go to the board moderators as gratitude for their work, and the remaining 80% will go to the board fund. Moderators can use the board fund to reward the most interesting posts.

Boards creation. Each user can create new boards, but you will need to pay a fee of 5000 tokens to register a board.

You can apply to create a board at the link: To do this, you need to log in to the site.

Promo posts. You can create a promo post and pay for its promotion for tokens. You can manage your promo posts right in the app. Select the appropriate menu item in your profile.

Last but not least. You can just save tokens! The functionality of the platform, as well as the scope of tokens, is constantly expanding, so in the future you will definitely find what you want to spend them on. Trust us, there will be a lot of interesting things 😉