What if I am blocked?

On MAIN, all content is provided by the users. We support the right of people to freely express their opinions, however, we want the platform to remain a safe and comfortable place for all users. That is why we have several rules on the platform.

What can't be done on MAIN?

The full terms of use of the platform and our content policy can be found here. Shortly, all users should not post content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, in exceptionally poor taste, or just plain creepy. Examples of such content include:

  • calls for violence;

  • racial and other abuse;

  • pornography;

  • spam and referral links (in communities that do not require the publication of such links);

  • identical, meaningless and repetitive posts and comments;

  • explicit scenes of violence;

  • everything that contradicts the current legislation;

  • content to which you have no legal rights.

Aggressive and offensive behavior, bullying, harassment, as well as creation and use of multiple accounts are also prohibited on MAIN.

If you think that some content or user violates the rules of the platform, then you can complain about it using the report sending function. We consider all complaints and, in case of violation of the rules, take appropriate measures.

Each community on the platform can also set its own additional content rules. They should not contradict the general rules of the platform and can only operate in this community. The moderators of the platform are not responsible for the actions of specific board moderators. If you were blocked in a particular board, and you think that this happened without reason, then you can make a post about it in b/moderators board, noting the moderators of this board and the main holders of its coins.

What if you violated the rules of the platform?

If we find content that violates the rules of the platform, it will be deleted, and the user who published it may be blocked. The period of blocking depends on the severity and frequency of violations.

In case of minor violations, you can only see a warning about the removal of content. In case of more serious violations, your account may be blocked for one day (you will not be able to publish and rate posts and comments). In case of repeated or serious violations of the rules, your profile may be blocked for a month or even forever.

If your post or comment is deleted by the moderators of the platform, you will receive a notification. You can find it on your notification screen.

If your profile has been blocked, you will see an error when you try to publish or rate content. There will be information about the period until which you were blocked. You just have to wait. After this period, you will be automatically unblocked and will be able to use all the functionality of the platform again.

What if you can't log in to your account?

In exceptional cases, violation of the rules of the platform may lead to blocking access to your account.

If you see an error when trying to log in to your account: "Your account is blocked. You probably used several accounts, which is prohibited by the rules of the platform," then your account was permanently blocked.

Most often, the reason for blocking an account is the creation and use of multiple accounts on the platform. We stand for fair competition among users and strictly prevent any attempts to cheat existing algorithms on the platform. This block is permanent, there is no possibility of unblocking. In this case, you can only create a new account and try not to violate the rules of the platform anymore.

What should you do if you were blocked by mistake?

If you think that you were blocked by mistake – you can appeal this decision. Mail at support@main.community and describe your situation in detail. We will check all the moderators' actions again and try to help you.