Why is the board disabled from rewards?

Some boards in MAIN may be disabled from rewards. This means that these communities do not receive tokens from the MAIN ecosystem fund and, accordingly, cannot distribute them to their members in the form of activity bonuses.

By default, monetization is disabled for all communities with less than 10,000 $MAIN locked in their contracts (in other words, for communities with less than 44.73 coins minted). In this case, you will see zero monthly rewards on the community activity page. To return monetization to such communities, it is enough to simply purchase their coins so that the total amount of tokens locked in the board is greater than or equal to 10,000 $MAIN.

Some boards may be disabled from monetization for violating community rules. On the pages of such communities there is no banner displaying rewards for activity. Boards may be excluded from rewards system for the following violations:

  • A radical change in the theme of the community after its creation, including if the existing URL address of the board does not match the meaning of the new theme of the board.

  • Manipulating board coins (in particular, but not limited to, distributing board coins to fictitious or affiliated holders) in order to bypass algorithms for distributing rewards between communities.

  • Inactivity of the administrator and board moderators for more than 30 days, or if the board moderators are not able to maintain the community in accordance with its stated topics and rules.

  • The use of the community solely for or primarily for the purpose of "farming" tokens, without creating any value for the MAIN ecosystem.

  • The use of the community solely for the purpose of selling or promoting a particular company, product or service, unless such promotion or sale is carried out by the community itself.

  • Creating rules or conditions that effectively make it impossible or unclear for other users to participate in community activities, as well as blocking users who do not violate community rules. The rule does not apply to communities where more than 1 board coin is required to post or comment.

  • Other reasons.

If your board was created to promote a certain organization, product or service, and it was disabled from monetization, then, as an official representative of this organization, you can apply to disable the election procedure in your board. You can publish an application in the form of a post on behalf of the board administrator, tagging the platform administrators in the comments.

In order to return monetization to such communities, the administrators of these communities must first fix the violations that caused the monetization to be disabled, and then apply to restore community monetization through the Discord server.